If you have been in a collision our number one concern is you. Assuming you have not been injured and you are able to make a phone call – call Cavalier. We will tow your car directly to our shop to begin the process.

First, with you at our shop we will call your insurance company and advocate for your rights as the insurance policy holder.

Then we will prepare a no-nonsense estimate for you and your insurance adjustor. We start by examining the vehicle for the obvious damage and the hidden secondary damage that often happens in a collision. Once the estimate has been approved, we structure a repair plan and a timeline that we stick to and share with you. Then we make sure to keep you in the loop with thorough updates and progress reports along the way.

After the repairs are completed, we then run your vehicle through our proprietary Safety and Quality Assurance checklist. Once we’re satisfied your vehicle has been expertly restored, we call you to come down and see for yourself.

Our job is done once you’re back on the road enjoying your car that looks and runs as though the accident never happened.

Taking the discomfort out of the disruption of an accident is the Cavalier way.